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Caroline Rexborg, from Gothenburg Sweden, is a self-taught artist. Using acrylics and high flow acrylics she's creating art with a mission to empower people to recognize their own strength and power. Her goal in to influence the art world with a strong sense of girl power, hoping girls will be brought up knowing “fight like a girl” means fight like a warrior. 


Celestial bodies and heavenly minds

 From stardust we’re made 

Recognize your own divinity. Appreciate your feelings, good as bad. You’re able to feel – what a blessing. Sadness, loneliness, joy, longing, peace, contentedness, anger, frustration. How amazing is it that your body can be a vessel for all these feelings? Celebrate the uniqueness of you. Of your feelings, your thoughts, your body, your presence in a room. No one could ever be you.  

You can blossom as spring, you can be the immense power to (re)create your life, you can have your head in the clouds and get lost in your feelings. You can be a prince/ess of light, a warrior, you can celebrate sisterhood and community, you can let goodness, kindness and love be your holy trinity. You can be bulletproof, not letting anything stop you from living your life, reaching for your goals, thriving. You can be a mother of exiles, helping those in need, reaching out. You can accept the seasons of life, the rhythm of stillness and movement, you can be the dawn to your day. Your light is brighter than you think. You can be all you want to be.  


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